A happy customer is our ultimate objective as we seek to continue to product quality work. Getting a product of great quality in a short time is an amazing feat.
This achievement is one that we are proud to be able to boast of!


Being noticed and not just seen is important in your business’s success. Advertising is a great way to do just that. If done the right way, people will be intrigued with what you have to offer and thus will become either a new or perhaps even a returning customer. Advertising is complex and there are many components that go into it. A client can be influenced simply down to your choice of color. Because of its versatility, it is important to have a specialist get your message across. With the many types of advertising we offer, our company will be able to get you noticed and bring you a whole new stream of clients.We offer Fully integrated campaigns Out of home and ambient Mobile and tablet Promotion advertising campaigns Product advertising campaigns Bus mounted banners Billboard advertising

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is an essential stratagem when it comes to finding the most qualified employees. It empowers the employer to entice the right talent that will best fit the organisation. Our team is able to enable you to do all that without having to do the actual work. We provide you with a wide array of mediums that allow your business to attract the workers you want and need. Press recruitment advertising Radio communications & literature Employee communications & literature Recruitment marketing Employment websites Job board advertising Open Day and Job Fair literature

Web and Application Design

Launching a website can be a daunting task for most. It is a tiring quest and not knowing what to do can make everything much more difficult. Our team of specialist can provide quality help in Web or App designing and get your platform rolling. We offer: Website design and build, Consulting and site audits, Hosting packages, Digital documents, Animated web banners.

Creative Design

A logo can make or break you. When it comes to the business world, people tend to judge a book by it’s cover. A logo is a company’s identity, and if done by our team, we can leave a lasting impression on those viewing your logo. Design, marketing and advertising Brand design Logo design Brand guidelines and rollout Company identity Brand name and taglines


Memories can last, and photo’s are a perfect way to share them. From wedding photos, to family portraits, we offer a strong way to share lasting memories with the people you love. Clients are able to take advantage of the most basic packages such as portrait photography to our extensive list of options like brand photo libraries. We offer: Brand photo libraries, Product photography, Corporate photography, Portrait photography.

Electronic Sales and Solutions

Our team has a knack for technology and are proud to say we are experienced with many different softwares. With that, we have all the tools to help you solve PC-related problems and sales on requested orders .We actively working together to give you solutions. We sell Hardware and Software of differents brands such as Dell,Apple,Acer,Toshiba,HP,APC,LG,Samsung,JVC,Hisense,Lenovo and Huawei

Alarm and Security Services

Being able to keep your products secure is an essential part of building your store’s success. With there being an influx of means that individuals use to steal from stores, it is essential that you have the right security system. Our company utilizes the most innovative and up to date security. With variety, we seek to fulfill many different needs. We offer: CCTV cameras, Door Alarm, Autogate, GPS Tracker, Lazorwire, Fingerprint.


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