At Tech30,Understanding media and giving our clients exceptional services but also help you move a step toward the world of Technology by offering you affordable and Uncomparable Sales and Solutions Services is what we excel at.

Why Us?

Flexible and customized model

Advantage does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate closely with clients to develop tailored, flexible solutions designed to suit specific needs and maximize results. The solutions we develop are also scalable and continuously evolving to meet changing demands.

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Passion for Service

When we win new business, it stays with the person who brought it on board. There is a reason for this; we believe that working hard for something generates passion and enthusiasm which you just don't get from being given something for nothing. It means that throughout the initial consultation process your prospective account manager is learning about all of your requirements, finding out about what you like and don't like, most importantly, you get a feel for how it will be to work alongside each other.

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Delivery and Quality of Work.

We often hear how frustrating it can be working with a slow agency, so we are adamant that is never going to be us. With designers and account managers all working in one space, it's easy for us to get an urgent design job picked up within minutes, get together for an exchange of ideas, face to face with an experienced designer.

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''Absolutely fantastic the shirt design was everything I expected and more i would highly recommend to anyone.'' A.C -Ghana
''Great communication, did exactly what we wanted in timeframe required.''  D.M -Burundi
''Thanks for doing a great job Tech30,and for your patience, Your price was very reasonable and the finish product was great. I will defiantly use you again and also recommend you to my friends. Regards.''JM.N -Burundi
''It was a joy to work with you. Even when trouble arose the team was able to effectively problem solve and remain professional.'' K.D -Uganda
''5 stars to you are the TOP GIG we have been looking for.." C.B.S - Zimbabwe